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apl. Prof. Dr. Andrej Krause - Vita

apl. Professor Dr. Andrej Krause
Tel. 55-24395


Curriculum vitae

  • study of mathematics and physics at Leipzig University, tutorial assistant (algebra), diploma: "Geometrische Aspekte bei der Perzeption und Dekodierung von Mustern"
  • study of philosophy at Halle-Wittenberg University (magister artium, thesis about Thomas Aquinas and Maimonides), and at Munich School of Philosophy
  • 1996: Doctor philosophiae, Munich School of Philosophy (thesis about John Duns Scotus's metaphysics)
  • 2002: Doctor philosophiae habilitatus, Halle-Wittenberg University (thesis about Bernard Bolzano's metaphysics)
  • apl. Professor; Halle-Wittenberg University
  • part-time lectureship for philosophy and logic at Capuchin Franciscan Institute of Philosophy and Theology, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • member of the editorial board of "Philosophia Africana" (The Pennsylvania State University)
  • teaching mathematics, physics and logic at the Episcopal School Centre (High school) in Leipzig
  • subjects at the university: logic, metaphysics, philosophy of mathematics

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