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Dr. James M. Thompson - Publications


  • Wittgenstein on Phenomenology and Experience: An Investigation of Wittgenstein’s Middle Period’, University of Bergen Press: Publications of the Wittgenstein Archive, 2008
  • Epistemic Practices: Rethinking Our Approach to Knowledge (in preparation)
  • The Translation of Human Rights: A Praxis-Theoretical Approach to the Origin of Values (in preparation)

Edited Editions and Journals

  • Wittgensteinian Approaches to Moral Philosophy, co-edited with Benjamin De Mesel, Special Issue in the Journal Ethical Perspectives (March 2015)
  • Wittgenstein and Ancient Thought, co-edited with Ilse Somavilla, Parerga Verlag 2012
  • Wittgenstein’s Cambridge Lecture on the Philosophy of Psychology (1947), co-edited with Josef Rothhaupt (in preparation)

Peer Reviewed Articles, Book Chapters, and Reviews

  • “Practices, Convictions, and the Emergence of Moral Commitments” (in preparation)
  • “Getting Clear about the Relationship between Human Rights and Human Security” (in preparation)
  • "Die Unübersetzbarkeit des Kulturbegriffs im Kontext der internationalen Rechts", in Translationen, Transcript Verlag in der Reihe Interkulturalität. Studien zu Sprache, Literatur und Gesellschaft (erscheint 2015).
  • “Wittgenstein’s Return: A Methodological Transition”, Conceptus: Zeitschrift für Philosophie, Vol. 40, 98, pp. 13-25, 2014
  • “Human Rights and the Translation of Relevance:  An Interplay between the Global and the Local”, in Homelands in Translation, Vol. XII in the series Civiltà del Mediterraneo, Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura, pp. 245-260, 2013
  • Páthos und mystische Erfahrung: Eine experimentelle Interpretation des metaphysischen Subjekts im Tractatus”, in Wittgenstein and Ancient Thought, editors Ilse Somavilla and James Thompson, Parerga Verlag, 2012
  • “Form(s)-of-Life and the Possibility of the Other:  Remarks on the Encounter of Alterity” in Form(s) of Life and the Nature of Experience, editors Antonio Marques and Nuno Venturinha, Peter Lang International Publishing, 2010
  • “Self-Confrontations: ‘Socrates’, Wittgenstein, and the Reference to What Cannot be Known”, with Christiane Thompson in Bildende Widerstände – widerständige Bildung. Blickwechsel zwischen Pädagogik und Philosophie, editors Christiane Thompson and Gabriele Weiss, Transcript Verlag, 2008
  • “The Origins of Wittgenstein’s Phenomenology” in Reduction and Elimination in Philosophy and the Sciences, editors Alexander Hieke et al., Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, 2008
  • “The Significance of Interculturality for the Problem of (In)Transparency”, in Cultures: Conflict-Analysis-Dialogue, editors Christian Kanzian et al., Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, 2006
  • “Wittgenstein’s Phenomenology: Reconsidering the Relationship of Experience and Language”, in Time and History, editors Friedrich Stadler et al., Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, 2005
  • “Wittgenstein’s Contributions to Philosophy”, in Persons: An Interdisciplinary Approach, editors Christian Kanzian et al., Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, 2002
  • “The Cambridge Companion to Schopenhauer”, book review, Kinesis Vol. 28, No. 2, 2001“Nietzsche: The Man and His Philosophy”, book review, Kinesis vol. 26, No. 1, 1999

Published Translations

  • “A Hitherto Unpublished Typescript of Wittgenstein” by Ludwig Wittgenstein, in The Textual Genesis of Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations, editor Nuno Venturinha, Routledge, 2013
  • “Ramsey’s Notes on Time and Mathematics” by Frank Ramsey, in Wittgenstein After his Nachlass, edited by Nuno Venturinha, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010
  • “The Phenomenology of Boredom” by Georg Breidenstein, in Ethnography and Education, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2007
  • “Education or Service? — Remarks on Teaching and Learning in the Entrepreneurial University” by Andrea Liesner in Educational Philosophy and Theory, Vol. 38, Issue 4 (Special Issue), 2006
  • “Coming to an Understanding Between Cultures: A Phenomenological Approach” by Klaus Held, Aron Gurwitsch Memorial Lecture, Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP), 2002, in Philosophy Today 2003
  • “Not Self-Sufficient Meanings and the Meaning of the Not Self-Sufficient: An Approach to Husserl’s IV Logical Investigation” by Heinrich Hüni, in Proceedings from the Chinese Society for Phenomenology, 2001

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